Quick Tip: Dealerships posing as private sellers on Craigslist

Dealerships are posing as private sellers on Craigslist. Consumer Investigator Jason Knowles has tips on how to stop them from driving off with your money.

The Indiana Attorney General's Office is investigating dealerships right now, saying that these dealerships are actually posing as private owners with ads on Craigslist, trying to lure people in who may want to be buying from a private person, and not go to a dealership. Maybe these people don't want to pay dealership fees.

In some cases the AG's office says that there are even pictures of a car in front of a home to make it look like it is from a private seller. Once reached on their cellphones, the AG's office says that the dealership employees will then direct potential car buyers to their commercial lots.

If you encounter this, you should report it to the Indiana Attorney General's Office right away at indianaconsumer.com or by calling 1-800-382-5516.
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