Social Security Administration announces top baby names in Illinois

CHICAGO (WLS) -- On Thursday the Social Security Administration released the top 100 baby names in Illinois in 2017.

Parents supply their baby's name to the agency upon applying for the child's social security card. The administration has names from social security card applications dating all the way back to 1880, though it notes that many people born prior to 1937 did not apply for social security cards and therefore their names would not be included in the data.

The agency began compiling the list of most popular names in 1997.

For 2017, the top five girls' names in Illinois were:

1. Olivia (726)
2. Emma (701)
3. Ava (615)
4. Sophia (598)
5. Isabella (583)

The five most popular boys' names in Illinois in 2017 were:

1. Noah (769)
2. Liam (662)
3. Benjamin (621)
4. Logan (596)
5. Alexander (583)

Visit the SSA's website for the full list.
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