Quick Tip: Dealing with a business that has filed for bankruptcy

If a business files for bankruptcy, sometimes consumers are left with questions.

What if you have a gift card or are waiting something you ordered to be delivered?

If the businesses has filed for Chapter 11, or reorganization, your chances are high that you can use the gift card or that you will still get the services. However, ultimately, the decision is in the hands of the bankruptcy court.

If the business filed for Chapter 7, which means they are totally done, your chances are very slim of getting anything, even if you already purchased the gift card or you are awaiting on purchases that have not yet been delivered. This is because employees and creditors will get the money first. You are the end of the line, but you should still file a claim in bankruptcy court.

The other thing you can do is, if you have used a credit card you can file a dispute.
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