Barber who overcame homelessness now helping others launch cutting careers

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With a pair of clippers and a dream, Garland Fox overcame homelessness to become a leader in the barbering industry.

It was a long and challenging journey to the barber chair. Fox is now helping others overcome their hardships to launch their cutting careers.

For Fox, it all started in Chicago.

"I was homeless at the time and cutting hair and that is how I was able to eat," Fox said. "I went from not knowing where I was going to get my next meal to sleeping in my car."

Fox said it is humbling to go from homelessness to being in a position to help.

He is paying it forward through the Wahl Clipper Corporation's Fade it Forward program, which supplies at-risk students from Chicago with scholarships and mentorship programs to give them a start in the barbering Industry where they can make a living and set an example In their neighborhoods.

Sebastian Moore is a Wahl scholarship recipient who is ready to do just that.

"Most times there isn't opportunity in your comfort zone. You have to grow. For a bird to fly you have to jump out of the nest. There is a possibility that you may fall but you have to flap your wings super hard," Moore said.
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