Great holiday gift: Bear Naked Custom Granola

Want a unique, customized and tasty gift for the holidays? Bear Naked Custom Granola has over 50 flavors for you to choose from to make your own granola blend. And we are talking very interesting flavors like beer, bourbon, bacon or jalapeno, chocolate and white wine.

You can also name your blend and have your picture (or a picture of the person receiving the gift) for a truly unique gift. And it's affordable too! A single non-customized canister starts at $9.99 and customized canisters start at $14.98. Free shipping and subscription packages are available.

Here are Val, Ryan and Ji's blend:

Ryan: Cacao and cashew butter base granola
Pretzel shorties, dried cherries and almonds

Ji: Honey base granola
Almonds, dried blueberries and dark chocolate-covered espresso beans

Val: Cacao and cashew butter base granola
Dark chocolate chunks and praline pecans

Order by Dec. 15 and use promo code "WINDY10" to receive 10 percent off your entire order and free shipping. (Plus you'll have custom gifts by Christmas!)

Click here to start making personalized Bear Naked Custom Granola blends