Beloved father killed in shootout during argument on front porch

HOUSTON, Texas -- A 52-year-old man known to his neighbors as the watchdog of the area was murdered on his front porch Monday morning in Houston, police say.

Family members identified the victim as Travis Cary.

Authorities told ABC7Chicago's sister station KTRK that around 2:30 a.m., a woman showed up to his house at 11300 Hendon Ln. and Leawood Boulevard.

The two talked on the front porch for about 10 minutes, and then she left.

Ten minutes later, two men in a silver Nissan parked on the corner of Hendon and Leawood and walked to Cary's house with guns.

Cary got into a fight with the suspects and one of them shot him, authorities say. Cary was able to shoot back, killing one suspect.

The second suspect then shot Cary nearly 10 times, with police saying they executed him.

Cary died on his front porch.

That suspect then drove off. Police are now looking for him and the woman involved in the initial conversation.

After hearing the shots, neighbors called 911.

Cary was known by neighbors and family as "Tito." Neighbors also said that whenever there was a problem, they called him.

"He was a good person. My family is going to be just grief-stricken because he was the life of the party," said Crystal Neal, the victim's aunt.

Cary is also the father of an adult child.

Surveillance video shows the three people involved. Authorities are combing through that in hopes it will help find Cary's killer.
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