Tips for teens looking for summer jobs

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Tom Gimbel of LaSalle Network spoke with ABC7 Eyewitness News about the best places teens can look for summer jobs.

1. Target Internships

Many companies continue to offer summer internships, so do your research on the target companies you'd like to work for and find the right person to ask about what summer internship programs they offer. Remember to have an open mind and take something outside of the desired industry or job type.

Don't expect to get paid for it. Many employers are cutting back budgets for these types of programs, and landing internship experience is priceless, regardless of the immediate monetary rewards.

2. Remove the stigma associated with temporary employment:

If you are able to disregard the so-called, "stigma," associated with temporary work, you will see there are many benefits of a temporary position, for instance, it boosts your resume experience and expands your knowledge by learning a new line of business.

3. Start NOW

It's never too early to begin your summer job search. Target companies in your area and contact them directly inquiring about summer help. Go to the local library and see if there are any posted flyers or jobs posted on the bulletin. Wait until June to search for a summer job and you may find yourself holding down your parents' couch instead of building your resume during the summer months.

4. Cast a Wiiiiide Net

Everyone should know you're looking for summer employment, everyone. The more people who know you're looking for a job the more quickly you will secure one.

Inform your contacts on what your ideal job is and sell them on why you should be hired. The more your network knows about what you want in a summer job and why, the easier it will be for them to be an effective mouthpiece for your job search.

5. Don't Treat it Like "Just Another Summer Job"

Yes, your summer job may not be directly in line with your long-term career goals; however, the contacts you meet now will prove valuable partners in the future. Make a good impression on your summer employer, and you will find yourself with valuable resources for the future.

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