The 'Queens of Caffeine' hone in on the diversity of the coffee industry

ByMarissa N. Isang WLS logo
Friday, October 30, 2020
The 'Queens of Caffeine' are changing the face of the coffee industry
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Two women are bringing their own unique styles to the coffee industry while working towards the same goal.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The "Queens of Caffeine" are brewing up a unique way to serve up your daily coffee fix.

These women are changing the face of the coffee industry and their businesses are Black-owned.

"This is my blood sweat and tears," said Melissa Stinson.

Stinson is the passion behind counter at Everybody's Busy, a coffee bar that brews up a smooth drink while curating a unique experience.

"I've never worked in coffee before but it was really all about having good coffee, good and an experience," she said. "When you're starting your day, what's wrong with good music, good taste and good vision."

This hidden gem in Pilsen has walls lined with Hip Hop greats, catchy phrases and swag enticing customers to come in to try something new.

"So coffee just came about where I can just marry all my different talents and loves together," Stinson said.

Every month the menu changes to pay homage to a different musician, iconic TV show or art form.

"You go to a lot of coffee spaces and you can't tell the difference. I want you to be able to tell the difference," she said. "I want there to be rich culture, my culture."

From Pilsen to the South Loop Chicago, French Press is not just a coffee shop but changing the way coffee is made.

"We infuse it with natural ingredients to give a sweeter taste," said owner Kris Christian. "So our maple pecan has real pecans in it and our coconut cream has real coconut shavings in it. Really get that real taste and still have that same effect that we all love."

Using the French Press method, their coffee is ground and made fresh to order on-site; but with many of us at home, there is an option to try their signature sips in your living room.

"Brewing at home has been our focus. That you can brew gourmet coffee at home and be your own barista," Christian said. "What the coffee shot does is allow people to taste different brews and signature sips and we use the French press method in every variety; and the idea is people can come in and purchase their ground coffee and use the French press method of choice that they use at home."

Christian said she wanted to not only change the way coffee is made but how the business is seen.

"The other thing that I really wanted to hone in on is the diversity in the coffee industry. I was at a coffee shop every day but it didn't look like me, feel like me. So I wanted to create a space for people that look like me," she said.

Each of these women are new to the coffee business and bringing their own unique styles.

Both ladies also said Instagram has helped grow and spread the word about these new options for a java jolt.