Lake Bell talks season 2 finale of 'Bless This Mess'

NEW YORK -- The season 2 finale of "Bless This Mess" wraps up the show's two-part episode cliffhanger Tuesday night.

Lake Bell, who plays Rio, and also co-created and executive produces the show, talked about how they went from a six-episode start on season 1 to a successful second season.

"The second season was 20 episodes so that was real, we got to chew on something there!" Bell said.

Last week, Rio, Kay, and Janine all took pregnancy tests. Who will be pregnant? All, none, one, two?! Rio put each test in one of her many pockets as they headed to safety during a tornado.

"We enjoy and play around with who you think may have gotten pregnant," Bell said. "It isn't who you would think it would be, so that's fun."

One thing's for sure, she feels it is a great escape for people during this time of a pandemic to be able to just sit back and enjoy themselves.

"We really need escapism and it really does provide that with this thematic of blue state, red state politics which we enjoy and lean into for comedy, but also to highlight that our differences are not that vast," she said.

A longtime Manhattanite, Bell said she's sending all of her love to her fellow New Yorkers during this tough time.

"I'm sending all of my love and my powers, and in this small form of humor I can share with you guys," she said.

The cast is made up of several outstanding actors like Ed Begley Jr., Pam Grier, JT Neal, David Koechner, Lennon Parham, Langston Kerman, and of course Dax Shepard who plays her husband, Mike.

"He was a fellow preschool parent at my preschool and I would saunter up to him and be like 'Hey, how are you doing...' and I had to woo him that way, and then he came onto the show and everything kind of solidified and crystallized because you don't know if you are going to have comedic chemistry with someone and I just feel so lucky to work with him and have that kind of a rapport," Bell said.

Don't miss the "Bless This Mess" Season 2 finale "Tornado Season: Part Two" tonight at 8:30 p.m. EDT on ABC.
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