Teen says teacher body slammed him, broke his elbow

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A 15-year-old boy said his teacher body slammed him, sending him to the hospital with a broken elbow.

It's Jeremiah Davis' first broken bone, but it wasn't from a fight with classmates or clumsiness.

"When he was about to do it, he said you were going down and he picked me up and slammed me. And then he used the arm that I was just slammed on. That was broken. He used that to choke me and pin his elbow in the back of my neck," Jeremiah told KNXV.

Jeremiah and his dad said the teacher is a martial arts master.

"He was a third place world champion of jujitsu," Jeremiah said.

"He knows the limits of what to do and not to do," said John Davis, Jeremiah's father.

After the takedown, the nurse was called to file a report.

According to the nurses' report, the incident happened at 2 p.m. right after school. The nurse said she saw Jeremiah hyperventilating and crying, then took him inside. Hospital X-rays later confirmed the damage.

Jeremiah said it all started after administrators wouldn't return his cell phone after class and claims the physical attack was unprovoked.

The Phoenix Union School District said they're investigating and told KNXV the teacher also filed a police report.

ABC15 called, emailed and even knocked on the teacher's door, but could not get in touch with him for his side of the story.

Jeremiah meanwhile, has missed the last week of class recovering.

"He's very upset. He's afraid he doesn't want to go back to school," John Davis said.