Bodycam video: Police rescue kids during intense standoff in Colorado

GREELEY, Colo. -- Horrifying moments inside a Greeley, Colorado home were captured on police bodycam.

Screams of women and children echoed through the house as police approached the home.

"If I see you guys taking one F****** step up here," a man can be heard saying.

Officers in the video call the suspect Jose, who they say had a gun and was keeping four people upstairs against their will.

As a crisis negotiator spoke to Jose, as another officer went outside to look for another way to get in.

"Somebody is waving at us," the officer said. "Open your window."

He and other officers tried to communicate with the children on the second floor as the officer searched for a ladder.

The kids were able to push the screen door out, allowing officers to scale the home.

When the officer got upstairs, he found two kids in the room, with one holding on tightly to his dog.

In the video, the officer kept watch of the door as the children climbed down to safety.