Former Barrington woman among victims of shooting in Boulder: 'She was a breath of fresh air'

Jody Waters Boulder, Colorado: Barrington native dreamed of opening another clothing store, friend said
BARRINGTON, Ill. (WLS) -- Friends are remembering Barrington native Jody Waters this morning, who was one of the 10 victims killed in a Colorado mass shooting earlier this week.

The 65-year-old mother of two was killed in a Boulder supermarket shooting Monday.

They describe her as a gentle spirit with a charismatic personality.

She owned a clothing boutique and was said to have a keen sense of design.

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Stephanie Boyles was a friend of hers for more than eight years.

"When she walked into a room, she was a breath of fresh air," Boyles said. "When she looked at you, you could just feel the love coming through her eyes and into you."

Boyles said Waters' dream for the future was to open another clothing boutique.

Waters' family said they are asking for space to process their pain.

She graduated from Barrington High School in 1973.
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