Boystown name change follows inclusivity survey, neighborhood now known as Northalsted

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Boystown is dropping its name for all neighborhood marketing campaigns in the name of inclusivity.

The neighborhood will now be known as Northalsted.

The Northalsted Business Alliance responded to concerns that the best-known name for the LGBTQ neighborhood was exclusive by seeking community input through an online survey that concluded on Sept. 15.

The name "Boystown" has been in colloquial use since the 1980s, and the business alliance had used it in past marketing campaigns.

As a result of the survey, the board decided "to focus marketing efforts on the geographic location (Northalsted) and use the slogan 'Chicago's Proudest Neighborhood'."

The Northalsted Business Alliance represents more than 100 businesses on the Halsted Street corridor, and hosts events like the Chicago Pride Fest, Northalsted Market Days, and more.
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