Mother-daughter duo open balloon business in Bronzeville, in area the say is underserved

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A mother-daughter duo has opened Bronze Balloons in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood with a goal of spreading happiness.

"We've been in such a rut for such a long time, we need something to help us smile," said Andrea Stanton, co-owner.

The business opened in 2021 at 35th and King Drive. During the pandemic, being creative for their own family evolved into helping other South Side families with outdoor, COVID-safe celebrations.

"Hey, we have this backyard space, let's just bling it out with balloons and let's just see how it goes," Stanton recalled.

It went so well that Stanton and her daughter Christian Montgomery turned these balloons into a business shelving careers in interior design and education to build something positive where Stanton grew up.

"Before we knew it we were getting orders from people who wanted the same décor for their parties," Montgomery said.

Using their savings and help from family and friends, they built out a corner storefront in Lake Meadows Shopping Center, which had been vacant for a year.

And from that location, they saw a need.

"Some businesses that are north or downtown don't come past 22nd Street. That was a really huge problem that stood out," Stanton said. "This location was ideal because it put is in the perfect spot to not only service the Bronzeville community, but neighboring communities."

"We're hoping that us opening Bronze Balloons inspires other who look like us that this is totally attainable. This is something you can do," said Montgomery.

"We've had people stop in and say, 'This is just what I wanted to do,' and I say, 'Well you can do it,'" Stanton added.

The two now live in a nearby communities but they are committed to creating something in the neighborhood that is so dear to them.
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