New Bruce Rauner ad resorts to name calling

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
New Rauner ad resorts to name calling
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Governor Bruce Rauner is out with a new attack ad targeting Democratic challenger J-B Pritzker. In it Rauner taps union workers his new ad to bash JB Pritzker, this time with name-

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Governor Bruce Rauner put out a new attack ad targeting Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker Tuesday. In it, Rauner taps union workers his to bash Pritzker, this time with name-calling.

"JB Stands for Jail Bird," says one union member.

"Junior Blago," adds the other one used in the ad.

Political observers said it's the classic strategy of those who are behind in a race, to attack and attack to try and make the other candidate look so unpleasant that people will not vote for that person. The new ad from Rauner, like the f-bomb one before it, following that strategy to a "T."

Tuesday after getting his flu shot with first lady Diana Rauner, the governor dismissed suggestions his new ad was a cheap shot.

"We've got to get the truth out, there's a very high risk that Pritzker is indicted in the coming months, This is terrible," Rauner said.

Rauner's comments were referencing the Cook County Inspector General's report accusing Pritzker of a property tax "scheme to defraud."

Pritzker blew off the new ad during a meet-and-greet with commuters at the Logan Square CTA Blue Line stop.

"Well this is a desperate governor in the final hours of terrible campaign, and frankly a terrible governorship he's been an utter and complete failure so what's he doing, he's on the attack more," Pritzker said.

And he took a dig at Rauner and his attack ad strategy.

"Seems like in the closing days he ought to be talking about what he's gonna do for the people of the state of Illinois for the next four years because he hasn't done anything for his first four years," he said.

With one week left the two candidates are focusing on getting out the vote.

"You know most people don't vote, most people stay home. Democracy doesn't work well unless our citizens get out," Rauner said.

"Working hard to make sure everybody across the state of Illinois is going to make sure that Democrats win in every race on the ballot," Pritzker said.

The Rauner campaign would not say if it has plans for more new ads in the final week. Pritzker hinted at a new ad that will focus on his vision for Illinois' future.