Bruce Springsteen fans line up to get book signed by 'The Boss'

CHICAGO (WLS) -- What a glorious day for more than a thousand Bruce Springsteen fans in Chicago!

Springsteen is the reason Clark Street turned into Thunder Road Monday afternoon as 1,200 of the Springsteen faithful lined up at Books a Million.

"I'm supposed to be in school, Marist High School, but nope, skipping out on that," said Jack Carmody of Chicago.

"He's the poet of our generation; he's fabulous. We've traveled everywhere to see him," said Patty Mooney, Lake Geneva, Wis.

The Boss arrived, and the fans came up one by one - all ages and sizes.

They got a signed copy of "Born To Run" and a chance to get up close and personal with Bruce. This was no concert seat in the rafters, but the "promised land" for these admirers, devoted for decades.

"I grew up with Bruce my whole life. I don't even remember when I started loving him, it was just ingrained in me probably from my mom. I've seen him 60-plus times in concert," said Tim Keenan, Chicago.

The raw, candid autobiography is a bestseller and got great reviews. Springsteen is going coast to coast to reward his loyal fans of all generations.

"I got to kiss him, so exciting," said Tiffany Bolek, Plainfield.

"My Bruce Springsteen bucket list is now complete, now I need to reevaluate life," said Lisa Hendrix, Oak Park.

"It's unbelievable. We waited our whole lives, mother and daughter, we go to concerts all the time. It's a dream. I could die now," said Maureen Ferrara, Berwyn.

The Boss is headed to Cincinnati for another book event and then off to Australia for a concert tour.
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