Chicago business Little Branch Café not sure if city is ready to enter Phase 3 after weekend chaos

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As Chicago awaits a decision from Mayor Lori Lightfoot on whether or not Chicago will enter Phase 3 Wednesday, businesses are still picking up the pieces from the weekend chaos.

Little Branch Café, a minority-owned business run by Mexican-Americans are shaken and upset by what took place.

Over the weekend, the owner Lina Martinez said someone broke into her shop and tried to get money from their cash register.

"It's not right what the police did, what the police officer did," Martinez said. "I agree with them being mad but I don't think this is the way to show their madness. It's not right.

Martinez said it is the third month the café has been closed.

"Our sales went down 60-70%," she said. "It's really bad."

Fortunately, the person who broke in did not manage to get any money, but they were left to pick up the piece and try to regroup from the effects of not just the violence, but also the pandemic.

When asked if she thinks Mayor Lori Lightfoot will allow businesses to reopen Wednesday, "Martinez said, "The safety is first.... I would rather have everyone safe. As long as this goes on, I don't think we'll be safe."

Powerful words from a struggling business owner, putting the safety of people over profits.
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