Fight "Fry Eye" With Blokz Glasses from Zenni

This segment is produced with and sponsored by Zenni.

Do you have "Fry Eye?" It's a condition from exposure to blue light. The prolonged exposure to electronics, artificial light and even sunlight can cause eye strain, disruption of sleep cycles, blurred vision and even macular degeneration. What can we do to stop the effect? Blue light blocking lenses, like the Blokz lenses from Zenni can be helpful to reduce this exposure.

Sean Pate, Zenni Brand Communications Officer, stops by WCL to talk about it and show use how Blokz filters out this blue light. And shows us the range of eyewear available at They have a great selection of eyewear - starting at $6.95!

So whether you need prescription glasses or not - you can help protect your eyes with eyewear from Zenni, and it's so affordable, you can get multiple looks to fit your mood!

Plus, Zenni is the OFFICIAL eyewear of the Chicago Bulls. Check out their Bulls line of Blokz glasses here:, and head to the Bulls game on Saturday April 6th - they will be giving out Bull Blokz glasses!

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