I-Team helps South Elgin man get gas leak capped

SOUTH ELGIN, Ill. (WLS) -- The I-Team is getting results, helping one suburban man after his complaint about a gas leak in his front yard he says has been leaking since 1997.

Experts say gas leaks can raise gas bills for everyone, and in some cases put you in danger. The I-Team found one gas leak that could have been sending methane into the sky for 20 years after James Kuzyk called for help.

A resident of South Elgin, Kuzyk called the I-Team about a Nicor gas leak that he said has been scarring his lawn since 1997.

"The Public Works guy took his probe thing and put it right here and after a couple seconds he's like 'Yeah, there is a gas leak here, you may want to call Nicor,'" he said.

Kuzyk said he called Nicor over the years and they responded, determining there was a leak, but it was never fixed.

"I think when it comes to public safety, they need to be held to a higher standard. Luckily this is out past our sidewalk so I don't think I have any issues with my home, but I would imagine if this were closer to my house I would really be concerned," Kuzyk said.

Kuzyk called Nicor again as the I-Team recorded it. That day someone from Nicor placed a flag on the site, but about a week later it wasn't fixed. So the I-Team emailed Nicor about the problem. The next day crews were digging and capping the leak.

Nicor only said, "Nicor Gas has resolved this matter and all repairs are complete."

"Thank you to Jason Knowles and the I-Team for helping me get this gas leak in my front yard fixed," Kuzyk said.

Thursday night the I-Team reported on thousands of Nicor gas leaks and hundreds of Peoples Gas leaks all classified as "hazardous." They were listed in the most recent 2015 report, issued by the federal government. Both utilities say they maintain pipelines and address hazardous leaks immediately.
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