You can now buy a car from Walmart

You can already buy your groceries, clothes, furniture, toys and household items from Walmart. Why not your car?

Walmart announced it's expanding the deal it has with online platform CarSaver designed to help customers save time and money when they're looking for a vehicle.

Through CarSaver, Walmart says you can buy, finance, lease and insure new and used cars from all of the top brands.

According to a release, the program is able to provide those benefits because it uses a network of certified dealers, bankers and insurance companies.

CarSaver also claims that its average customer saves more than $3,500 off the retail price and that every purchase comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ally Financial is part of the deal as well, saying that it currently has gift card incentives for Walmart customers who finance through Ally using the CarSaver site.

On top of the CarSaver program, Walmart says another initiative is in the works to help its employees save when buying a car.

CarSaver will be available through a microsite on the Walmart website.

CarSaver will also open 250 car shopping centers at Walmart stores.
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