SUV stolen in Dolton crashes into auto shop in Calumet City

CALUMET CITY, Ill. (WLS) -- A stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee crashed into a Calumet City auto repair shop early Thursday. One person was in custody, police said.

The jeep was possibly carjacked in Dolton and, after a chase, crashed about 1 a.m. into the lobby of repair shop at 159th Street and South Burnham Avenue.

The auto shop owner woke up to shattered glass, twisted metal and an SUV inside the lobby of his business. The stolen Jeep hit a red SUV, which was parked outside, and sent it straight into the repair shop. The red SUV parked outside belonged to the auto shop owner.

The owner is filing an insurance claim and trying not to let it ruin the Thanksgiving.

"I mean tires everywhere, glass. The whole wall came down. It was Thanksgiving, on a holiday. What are you doing at 2 in the morning stealing cars? Now he is in jail," said Ramzi Mashni, the auto shop owner.

A source said that initially two men were taken into custody while police searched the vehicle, but one man escaped. He was said to have been handcuffed at the time.

Calumet City police would not comment any further. Dolton police said they couldn't comment at all.

No injuries were reported.
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