'I was stuck under the bed:' 10 most absurd excuses for missing work


We all know that worker who concocts fake excuses to get a day off from the office grind. But a new survey shows that there are a lot of employees who go the extra mile when it comes to getting out of work.

CareerBuilder surveyed 3,321 full-time workers and 2,326 hiring managers on their habits and experiences with missing and calling in sick to work. While many employees still turn to tried and true methods of just saying they had a doctor's appointment or bad weather prevented them from going to work, the group also shared the most absurd (and hilarious) excuses for workplace absences they've used themselves or received from their subordinates.

2015's most absurd excuses for calling in sick

Even if you do choose to use one of these elaborate excuses to get out of work, be wary because your employer may be onto you. The survey also revealed that one in three employers have checked to see if workers' absence excuses were legitimate, most frequently by asking to see a doctor's note for those who called in sick. They also called the employee and checked up on their social media posts.

And the consequences for getting caught could be dire: Twenty-two percent of employers surveyed said they had fired an employee for calling in sick with a fake excuse. Thirty-three percent of the group have caught an employee lying about being sick by checking their social media accounts, and of those 26 percent say they've fired someone after figuring out they were lying.
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