Land your first job with tips from jobs expert Tom Gimbel

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The workforce is about to get flooded with the class of 2014.

Jobs expert Tom Gimbel with The LaSalle Network shares six tips for college students that will increase their chances of getting hired right out of school.

Tom's job hunting tips for grads:

1. Don't aim for unrealistic pay. Find a growing company with a great company culture and get your foot in the door with any position and work your way up.

2. Clean up the resume. Don't include an objective, keep an eye on grammar and style in each draft and use proper verb tenses.

3. Follow up after interviews properly with a written thank you or a phone call.

4. Consider taking a job in a field or industry you didn't study in school.

5. Work backwards. Find five companies in an industry and reach out to current and past employees via LinkedIn (or other social media) to find out what it takes to land an interview and the job.

6. Take a temp-to-permanent job opportunity.

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