Carlos Johnson, 17, among 4 teens charged in shooting death of Demario Bailey, 15, in Englewood

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Four teens have been charged in the shooting death of Demario Bailey, 15, police said Monday.

Police said Bailey, a sophomore at Johnson College Prep, was killed when a robber tried to steal his coat. Investigators said the victim and his twin brother, Demacio Bailey, were walking to basketball practice around 12:30 p.m. Saturday when they were accosted by four robbers near a viaduct in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood on the South Side.

From heartbreak to the hardwood, a murder victim's twin brother took to the court Monday night.

"He said, 'Mama, Issy would want me to play ball.' He said 'I'm going to live for my brother, mama,'" said Delores Bailey.

Demario Bailey was walking under a viaduct with his twin brother Saturday when police say armed teenagers confronted them, demanding one of the Bailey brothers hand over their coat.

"My son did nothing wrong, but I told him to do: I told him to stick with his brother," the boys' mother said.

Monday, prosecutors charged three 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old with the murder. Seventeen-year-old Carlos Johnson was the first hauled before a judge.

"Chicago transit video and Chicago police pod cameras clearly show the defendant and his co-offenders going to the viaduct prior to the murder of Demario Bailey," said Cook County prosecutor Jamie Santini. "They also show him and his co-offenders running out of the viaduct immediately after the murder."

"The State's Attorney's office is not alleging that he had a weapon in this case in either of the robberies or the murder," defense attorney Michael Clancy said.

After the game Monday night, the Johnson College prep basketball team left the court with a message, chanting, "We'll live and not die, we'll live and not die."

Demario Bailey's mom made a promise.

"Devil: You took one, I'm going to take 101 and let them live. Some of these kids do want to live, give 'em a chance," she said.

As for the teens charged, prosecutors also allege they robbed two other people in just before the robbery attempt that ended Demario Bailey's death.
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