Calling all kitten lovers! Animal shelter in need of 'cat cuddlers'

Attention cat lovers, your dream job has finally arrived.

The Westgate Ark Centre is an animal shelter and cat-rehoming facility based out of Newcastle, England, whose primary purpose is to rehome rescued cats and kittens. Recently the centre put out a call for "cat cuddlers," volunteer individuals who would be willing to help kittens during their socialization process and other older cats who are feral or semi-feral.

"Getting feral kittens to overcome their fear of people is time consuming and we are desperate for volunteers to assist in giving them all time and attention," the centre wrote on its website.

The volunteer position is one of many needed at the shelter. Asides from cat cuddling, persons are needed to help give cats their medication, fostering cats and looking after the centre itself.

"We rescue a lot of pregnant cats and semi-feral kittens and they all need handling so that they're nice and used to people, which makes them much more suitable for homes," Paul Black, owner of the centre, told the Telegraph.

While the position is only a volunteer one, it definitely seems up the alley for any cat lover in the area.

"The most important help we need is people to spend time sitting with our cats and kittens to interact with them and get them used to and confident around people. This process of socialisation is of the utmost importance as a lack of ease around people may ruin a kittens chances of getting a happoy home for life! Cat cuddling can be done on a regular or irregular basis," the centre wrote on its website.

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