Experts say phone chargers can be a fire risk

During the holidays, we warn you about house fires related to Christmas trees or space heaters.

Now, firefighters say you should keep an eye on something else that could burn down your home -- cell phone chargers.

A home on Houston's northwest side almost burned down last week. Family and firefighters say they suspect a phone charger ignited a mattress and led to the fire.

"If you have it on your bed, under your pillow and it's charging. The potential is there. It's not likely to happen," said Inspector Moises De La Cruz, Houston Fire Department.

But De La Craz says don't overreact. Any electronic item in a home poses some risk.

De La Cruz says the real worry are the materials in our home. They tend to be more plastics and can catch fire quicker.

He also suggests charging your phone on a hard surface like a kitchen counter, not in your bed.

The experts over at Experimac in west Houston say the concern is the wiring in your charger.

"If you see exposed wire, throw the cable out. It's not worth it," said David Scarbrough.
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