Chicago Auto Show police booth becomes memorial to Cmdr. Paul Buaer

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The Chicago police booth at the Chicago Auto Show has been completely transformed. (WLS)

The Chicago police booth at the Chicago Auto Show has been completely transformed.

Now, it's a living memorial. There are pages and pages full of condolences for Commander Paul Bauer and his family.

"This man served over 30 years, and did so so eloquently, and it makes me feel good that people do have a heart and are doing the right thing," said Sue Jahn, who left a message of support for the Bauer family.

Dozens of Chicagoans have filled these pages with messages of love keeping the Bauer family in their hearts as they pass the police booth at the Chicago Auto Show.

"Constantly, flows of people, 'I'm sorry for your loss' condolences," said Officer Visal Chum. He's spent five years on the police force. "It's really touching. It really hits home."

Chum, like so many of his comrades, wore the black band with a blue stripe over his badge, honoring the fallen commander.

"We lost one of our own. And to have the general public really feel the loss and mourn his passing is just very touching to us," Chum said.

He says the department is hosting a car show of its own on May 20 - the Cars and Cops Car Show - with benefits going directly to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

"We're trying to honor our fallen officer, Commander Bauer. And the best way we can is to help out his family who are mourning his loss," Chum said.

The city continues to mourn, "but it's wonderful that people are out there like this and out there to fight the evil, and there is justice. And I hope the guy that did it pays," Jahn said.
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