Fans prepare for Bears, Cowboys game at Soldier Field

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It has been rough season for the Chicago Bears and their fans. The team is two games below the 500 mark as it gets ready to play the Dallas Cowboys Thursday night, but a lot of people are still ready to cheer on the team.

Michael Quiroz lives just outside Dallas, but the Southwest Airlines employee uses his flight benefits whenever there's a Bears home game - and Thursday night's game is extra special.

"I figure we're gonna win by about 7.5 points," Quiroz said.

It's a virtual smorgasbord in the parking lot before the game with tailgate barbeques sending up billowing smoke. Bears fans may not have much hope of making the playoffs, but they still know how to enjoy the experience.

The Bears/Cowboys rivalry lacks the history and intensity of the one with that team up north in Wisconsin, but for fans, it's still a rivalry.
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