Wisconsin pharmacy robbed by Chicago carjacking suspects, police say

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (WLS) -- Police are asking the public to help them identify the suspects who carjacked a man in Chicago, drove to Wisconsin and robbed a pharmacy on Wednesday.

Police said two men first carjacked a Lexus SUV at gunpoint from a 74-year-old in West Englewood. The robbers then drove the stolen vehicle to suburban Milwaukee, where it was ditched after the robbery of the pharmacy.

After stealing the vehicle, the two men drove about 100 miles and robbed Swan Serv-U Pharmacy in Wauwatosa, Wis., west of Milwaukee. Police said they didn't want any money and instead took prescription narcotics.

Surveillance video shows the violent encounter. Terrified workers are thrown to the ground. Others are ordered to the floor and dragged from place to place.

"Nobody knows who these individuals are. Before somebody's seriously injured or killed, it's important for these guys to be identified and be apprehended," said Lt. Brian Zalewski, Wauwatosa Police Department.

Police said after roughing up the pharmacist, the pair of robbers, one of them armed, then ordered him to fill a bag with prescription narcotics.

"I find out that she had a gun pointed at her, at her skull. People were pushed down, hurt, bruised. It's a horrifying situation to be in," said the husband of one of the robbery victims.

The man who was carjacked was not seriously injured, and neither were any of the employees at the pharmacy. The business was robbed just as it opened, suggesting a highly coordinated plan, police said.

"The fact that they committed an armed carjacking, and just a few hours later drove a fairly substantial distance and then committed an armed robbery of a pharmacy, there's nothing to indicate they're going to stop," said Lt. Brian Zalewski, Wauwatosa Police Department spokesman.

It is unclear why the suspects committed the two crimes so far apart from each other. Anyone who recognizes the suspects should call police.
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