Chicago launches new information portal on website

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A new online information portal, which includes Chicago public data, was launched on the city's website, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) announced Monday.

The portal, located, is touted as being user-friendly and features interactive data visualization tool and dashboards that contain over 100 ways for users to visualize city data related to budgets, staffing and the Chicago Police Department

Dashboards available on the Information Portal include:
-Chicago employees by department, title, wage, demographics and ward/community
-Chicago Shakman exempt employee by department, title, demographics and ward/community
-CPD active sworn officers by title, unit and demographics
-Officer investigatory stop reports by beat, district, ward, demographics and age

-Chicago operating budget overview by fiscal year, functional category and department

OIG will add new public dashboards regularly, starting with Chicago Police Department Officer Complaint and Notification history on Wednesday.

Other examples of dashboards to be released in upcoming months that will allow for interactive visualized summaries of historical and current data include:
-Arrest analysis
-City of Chicago employee overtime

-CPD Tactical Response reports
-CPD overtime
-Incorporation of U.S. Census data with existing maps

Visit the information portal:
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