Chicago's Doc10 Film Festival 2021 returns to theaters

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan WLS logo
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Chicago's Doc10 Film Festival 2021 returns to theaters
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The Chicago Doc10 Film Festival opens Thursday with Questlove's "Summer of Soul" at the ChiTown Movies Drive-in in Pilsen.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago's Doc10 Film Festival kicks off this week and it's not virtual.

Doc10 opens Thursday at the ChiTown drive in, in Pilsen, most of the features will be shown at the Davis Theater in Lincoln Square.

Questlove's 'Summer of Soul' will take the lead on opening night.

"It's an extraordinary movie about an event that was huge at the time but very few people really remembered it (cut out clearing throat) because going on at the same time was Woodstock - but what was really happening was a great festival was called the Harlem Blues festival. Questlove is the director of the movie, it'll certainly make you dance but it's also going to warm your heart as well," said Steve Cohen, Co-founder, DOC 10 Film Festival.

Also on the list is a film about the late Anthony Bourdain.

"He was such a larger -than-life character and was living life with gusto and sadly took his life at the end. Both entertaining but also powerful kind of movie," said Cohen.

Jamila Wignot's documentary "Ailey," is about the Black modern dance legend Alvin Ailey

"Another person whose life was just filled with beauty and emotion and power and the movie really underscores that," Cohen said.

Oscar nominated filmmaker Bing Liu debuts "All These Sons". It's about young men in Chicago struggling with rampant violence.

"Everybody's watching this movie, for awards contention next year. Movies generally and especially documentaries like this, they are made to be seen on the big screen," said Cohen.

Many of Doc10 Festival movies have gone on to be nominated for Oscars and Emmys.

"Everybody recognizes that it started in Chicago because of this little festival, so we're very excited about that," Cohen said.

Best of all, it's a return to the theater.

"There's going to be a lot of people in a room and we're going to be able to experience the same movie at the same time together," said Cohen.

For a full lineup of films click here.