Chicago hospital worker living in Christchurch saw victims of shooting

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (WLS) -- Moments after the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand, Christine Gordon got a call from her daughter.

"She's crying, saying there's a shooter in Christchurch going around just shooting the place up," Gordon said.

Gordon, originally from Chicago, moved to Christchurch in 2011. She said she wanted to raise her children in a quiet, safe environment.

Now, after the vicious, coordinated terrorist attack against Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand that left 49 dead and 42 injured, Gordon is in shock.

"Never would I suspect it would be terrorism and such huge, planned out directed hatred terrorism," she said.

She said the entire town was on lockdown.

"There was no one around. There was no one on the streets," Gordon said.

When she went in to work after the attack, she said every emergency room bay was filled.

"(The attack) took a place that was serene and beautiful and quiet and now it's not. It completely changed how Christchurch is," she said.
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