Bronzeville elementary school struggling with rodent problem

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Bronzeville's Mollison Elementary School is struggling to eradicate a rodent problem. Supplies were boxed up and dragged by the cartload from the school Tuesday.

"The problem is they need to clean the school up. They need to shut it down and clean it up and not let kids come 'til it's clean," said Stacey Wright, who has five children enrolled at the school.

Chicago Public Schools facilities manager Leslie Fowler said cleaning crews are deep cleaning classrooms again, trying to eradicate the rodent problem.

A robocall went out to parents early last week saying, "It was reported that there was a sighting of rodents in one of our classrooms.

CPS said last Wednesday crews set more than 300 traps inside the school, ahead of a deep cleaning Sunday night. Monday parents did a walkthrough of Mollison.

"Now when we go through the walkthrough and start opening up closets, we see multiple mice droppings all throughout closets, corners, offices," said Yolanda Redman, Mollison parent.

Parents took pictures they said show rodent droppings in classrooms, hallways and closets after the cleaning. CPS said those closets had been lock and inaccessible.

"Rodents, mice droppings, mice pee can make you very sick. We've had kids leave because they've been sick," said Jeanette Taylor, former local school council representative.

"I have to take off of work to make sure my kids is safe at this school. I have nowhere to put them. If they shut the school down, where they gonna go? Who's gonna watch them?" asked Stacey Wright, parent.

School officials said they're continuing to clean any remaining traces of rodent before health inspectors return Thursday.

CPS said the school has been told not to serve any hot food until another inspection by the Department of Public Health.
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