Ready to work? Chicago recruiting firm LaSalle Network tells job-seekers where to look

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Coronavirus Illinois: Recruiting firm LaSalle Network tells job-seekers where to look, G4S to hire 400 in Chicago area
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With so many job losses in the Chicago area, a local recruiting firm is sharing advice on which companies and fields will have hiring opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With so many job losses in the Chicago area, a local recruiting firm is offering insight on which fields and companies are hiring.

LaSalle Network CEO and Founder Tom Gimbel said finding work during the COVID-19 crisis might require a pivot, being willing to work for less or more responsibility. But, he stressed that there's hope.

"People are afraid because unemployment has gone up so rapidly that there aren't jobs. And that's not the truth," Gimbel said.

Truck drivers are needed, while technology companies are often willing to hire and onboard remote workers.

Grocery stores and food manufacturers are also in need of employees. All of the major grocery chains have open positions in nearly all departments.

Gimbel said another key to getting hired is your references.

"The relationship you have with previous employers is crucial that they'll get on the phone or a zoom and validate your experience," he said. "It's gone old school. Number one, what have you done. Number two, have you been stable and loyal to the employer you've been at before?"

One business looking to hire 400 people in the Chicago area right now is security firm G4S.

"People are looking for opportunities to feel more secure, more safe," said G4S Americas Chief Human Resource Officer Geoff Gerks.

Gerks said anyone with customer service skills, like out-of-work restaurant or retail workers, would be a great fit, and G4S provides training for a security license.

"Some of our best employees that we have in our security officer ranks came from places and employment like that, where they're working with the public on a regular basis," Gerks said.

You can apply for a job with G4S by going to