Woman grazed by bullet on face while driving in Washington Heights said police were dismissive of incident

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A woman who was grazed by a bullet on her face while she was driving down the street said police were dismissive of her ordeal when they responded to her report.

Lynda Garrison was awarded a home more than 10 years ago because of her accomplishments in education.

The South Side mother of three said being hit by gunfire was bad enough, but what happened after police arrived was also upsetting

Garrison said she was driving in January near 93rd and South Eggleston when the bullet grazed her cheek. It left a hole in her windshield and her face bloodied.

"Instantly I reach up and I'm like, I think I just got shot in the face," she recalled. "I'm very grateful it wasn't another inch because my kids would be motherless."

The shooting is still a mystery.

Garrison's struggle to success has been chronicled by ABC7 Eyewitness News. In 2006 she was awarded a new house called a "Swan Home" by a nonprofit aiming to help single mothers in college. ABC7's Jim Rose was there for the presentation;

After being shot, Garrison said officers arrived quickly but then waited several minutes before calling an ambulance. First they ran her ID and searched her car for the bullet.

"I think he was the sergeant, he approaches me and he said, 'Well, we don't see a bullet. Do you think perhaps, I'm just asking, that a rock hit your window?' I was like, no," she recalled. "But my face is burning."

Garrison said she later found the bullet herself, but her detective declined to collect it.

In a statement, CPD said in part, "Public trust and relationships are among the most important things for CPD...detectives will be following up with this victim."

Garrison said she has no idea where the gunfire came from. She saw no one on the block at the time. She's grateful her kids were not in the car.


Public trust and relationships are among the most important things for CPD as we are often the voice for victims of violent crime. Area detectives will be following up with this victim about the investigation and to ensure her concerns are properly addressed.

Additionally, if she wishes to file a formal complaint I assure you that it will be investigated thoroughly and if any wrongdoing or negligence is discovered, individuals will be held accountable.
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