Chicago Police Department adds bike patrols

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Chicago Police Department adds bike patrols
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As the weather warms, there will be more Chicago Police bike officers on patrol.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As the weather warms, more of us will be outside - and there will be more Chicago Police bike officers.

"We know that we needed more officers out there communicating with people, patrolling areas that normally have been a challenge for us to get to," said Deputy Chief Al Nagode, CPD/Area North.

Area North is adding about more than two dozen bike officers that can patrol throughout the area.

"The response time is quicker, the ability to get places and crowd control is much easier," Nagode said.

"You have a duty belt, you have tasers. And that's a lot of weight carrying around," said Officer Andre Craig, a CPD bike patrol instructor.

Even with the extra weight on two wheels, officers describe how this is a unique way to patrol.

"You can use all five senses to detect any type of crime," said Officer Luis Laurenzana. "The bike allows us to approach any type of situation silently."

Bike patrol officers typically ride 20 miles a day. While addressing crime and safety is the priority, the officers say they have far more interaction with citizens and visitors while on bikes.

"It's great to be out here. It's a beautiful day. The disadvantage is that we are out in winter as well," said Officer Michelle Tannehill.

Area Central Bike Patrol covers Area South. The additional bike patrol in Area North will be in place by Memorial Day.