CPD officers in 5th District served lunch after loss of 5 officers this year

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ByWill Jones via WLS logo
Monday, December 31, 2018
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The officers at the Chicago Police Department's 5th District have had a difficult year.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Officers at the Chicago Police Department's 5th District were served lunch on Sunday to thank them for their service as they grapple with the death of five officers this year.

The group, Walking in my Shoes, wanted to show their appreciation and support after the district recently lost two officers -- Eduardo Marmolejo and Conrad Gary, who were fatally struck by trains earlier this month.

"I won't kid you. It's been tough. These officers over here in particular they have some weight on their shoulders," said CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Johnson said he's proud of the way his officers have handled the challenges of 2018.

"I am still humbled and so incredibly proud because despite the tragedies they have to deal with the last few months they still come to work every day and do what we ask them to do.