CPD releases fact sheet on Homan Square facility

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago Police Department released a fact sheet Sunday disputing claims they operate a secretive facility in Homan Square on Chicago's West Side where criminal suspects are denied basic rights.

The fact sheet is three pages: one detailing facility facts, one addressing what experts are saying regarding claims of abuse and the last page explaining the department's arrest and interview procedures.

The information refutes all claims of abuse. Police say Homan Square open to the public as home to CPD's Evidence and Recovered Property Section, where "members of the public can collect evidence recovered during now complete criminal investigations, or found property."

They also say Homan Square is "the base of operations for officers working undercover assignments. These men and women dress in plain clothes and work to disrupt gang activity and clear drug markets out of neighborhoods. Advertising their base of operations could put their lives at risk, which is why Homan Square features little signage."

Regarding allegations that a death at the facility may have been the result of physical violence from Chicago police officers, the fact sheet says, "The allegation that physical violence is part of interviews with suspects is unequivocally false... Published news reports indicate the Medical Examiner's autopsy report shows the man died of an accidental heroin overdose."

Saturday, activists gathered outside the Homan Square facility for a protest, where they made demands including calls for a town hall meeting.

"If Chicago Police Department doesn't have anything to hide, then open up the doors!" said Rev. Greg Greer of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. "Open up the doors!"

You can read the Chicago Police Department's Homan Square Fact Sheet in full here.
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