Shomari Legghette guilty on all counts in killing of Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer

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Friday, March 13, 2020
Closing arguments conclude in trial of Shomari Legghette, accused of killing Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer
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Closing arguments concluded Friday in the trial of Shomari Legghette, who is accused of killing Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer at the Thompson Center in 2018.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The trial of the Shomari Legghette, who is accused of killing Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer at the Thompson Center in 2018, concluded Friday.

The jury deliberated less than three hours, finding Legghette guilty on all counts.

"We welcome today's guilty verdict and the justice it brings to the family of Commander Paul Bauer, the Chicago Police Department, and the citizens of Chicago. This senseless murder ended the life of an honorable man and highly regarded public servant. Commander Bauer's dedication to serving and protecting the community was evident on February 13, 2018, as he performed his final duties as a Chicago Police Officer. This tragic case is a sober reminder of the dangers that police officers and first responders face in their daily work to keep us all safe," said Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx. "We hope that this verdict will provide some measure of comfort and closure for Commander Bauer's loved ones. We will continue to support our law enforcement partners as we work together seeking justice for all victims in Cook County."

Legghette did not testify in court Thursday. His lawyer has claimed that Legghette didn't know Bauer was a police officer and shot him in self-defense.

Instead, jurors only heard from Legghette's longtime friend, Marcus Perkins.

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He told the court that Legghette, a former Dunbar high school basketball star frequently wore body armor when he left the house, as he was on the day he is accused of shooting commander Bauer.

Leghette's attorney said Legghette wore body armor because the admitted drug dealer was in a dangerous line of work and needed protection.

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Jurors did not get to hear that explanation from Legghette himself.

Prosecutors presented witnesses who said Bauer was wearing his uniform and badge.

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Judge Erica Reddick denied a defense motion asking for a directed verdict of not guilty, and said that there is ample evidence for a jury to decide the fate of Legghette.