Chicago Pride Parade organizer Richard Pfeiffer's legacy lives on after his death

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There may not be a Pride Parade in Chicago this year because of COVID-19, but we wanted to honor the man who made it all possible - Richard Pfeiffer.

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For the last 45 years, Pfeiffer was the Chicago Pride Parade's organizer. He died last year after a battle with cancer, but that's not stopping friends and family from celebrating his legacy.

"Richard was very shy actually," said Marge Summit, former owner of His 'N Hers. "He would come to life at parade time. Even through cancer, no matter how sick he was."

"Rich was the first gay person in our family to come out," said Joyce Latkowski, Pfeiffer's niece.

"What he accomplished in his lifetime, to me, is amazing," added Elaine Prosecky, another one of Pfeiffer's nieces.

"Richard's legacy will always be that he was the person who made the Pride Parade what it is today," said his husband, Tim Frye. "I've always thought that there was at least one person in the crowd, or maybe one person watching it on TV, that all of a sudden sees everyone and says, 'I'm OK. I'm gonna have a nice life.' I was that person, so was Richard, so were a lot of other people. That's the legacy that I want to continue."

"No one did it better than Rich," said Lori Cannon, founder of Open Hand Chicago. "He's a Chicago treasure. His legacy is huge and will not be forgotten."

ABC 7 Chicago is also putting together a television special hosted by Janet Davies and Terrell Brown that's sure to be FUN & FABULOUS! The special can be seen June 28 at 4 p.m. and 11 p.m.
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