Chicago Archdiocese adds 10 names to list of clergy with substantiated child abuse claims

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Archdiocese of Chicago added 10 names to the list of clergy with substantiated claims of child sex abuse Wednesday night. None are currently in ministry.

Four of those names are Chicago priests who are no longer alive. The most recent death was in 1990.

Two of the names are deceased Chicago Deacons.

Two are international priests who served in Chicago, but are no longer in public ministry.

There are also two Religious Order priests who worked in the Archdiocese and who are also no longer in public ministry.

The full list of names is:

Archdiocese of Chicago Priests
Edmund F. Burke
Thomas Carroll Crosby

Dominic Aloysius Diedrich
Thomas Francis Kelly

Archdiocese of Chicago Deacons
Patricio William Batuyong
Louis Wojtowicz

Extern Priests

Sleeva Raju Policetti
Czelaw Przbylo

Religious Order Priests
Eusebio Pantoja, C.M.F.
Carlos Peralta, S.D.B

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