Fines can range up to $500 for Chicagoans who don't shovel their sidewalks

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Icy sidewalks in the city of Chicago can create problems for both property owners and pedestrians.

Property owners in the city are legally required to shovel their sidewalks after it snows. And on the South Side, one alderman has been out cracking down on the problem.

Ald. Ray Lopez has been out in his 15th Ward neighborhoods since Tuesday, directing Streets and Sanitation workers to problem spots to hold people accountable.

Department workers were writing tickets to home and business owners who did not comply. Fines range up to $500.

"Hopefully it sends a message that you have to change behavior," Lopez said. "We have to make sure you're respectful to our communities so that our residents, our people, can get from point A to point B without having to fear that they're going to break their neck on the ice because you were too lazy to shovel."

Thirty two businesses got ticketed in the 15th Ward Tuesday, and Lopez said he expects there to be just as many Wednesday.

If the sidewalks are not cleared after one ticket, officials can come back every day to issue more.

In West Englewood Wednesday, there were ice-covered sidewalks near West Garfield Boulevard and Hoyne Avenue, where pedestrians could slip and fall. And more ice and snow is expected in the next few days.

A postal worker in Chicago slipped on ice and broke a knee cap Tuesday, a source told ABC7. On Wednesday, a mail carrier was passing out flyers with residents' mail in West Englewood, asking people to please salt and plow.
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