Chicago Public Schools back in session, but students still feel aftermath of teachers strike

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago Public Schools is officially back in session, but the effects of the strike are still taking a toll on teachers and students.

Simeon High School's football team is happily taking on Lakes Community High School in the playoffs after the strike threatened to end their dreams of a state championship.

It's one of the final opportunities players like senior quarterback Jacquez Woodland has to show off his athletic skills for a scholarship to college. While the student athlete's dream of going to college remains a reality, teens like Cobe Jones say their career aspirations could be another casualty of the Chicago teachers strike.

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Jones, who wants to become a pediatric dentist, is trying to figure out next steps after the SAT exam he needed to take to apply for early college admission was cancelled for a second time.

"Since the strike happened, I missed the deadline, which is November 1st for a lot of schools," Jones said. "So I have to apply regular decision now."

Jones said he wanted to re-take the exam Saturday after getting a score he wasn't happy with last month. The teen said he needs to improve his score so he can qualify for scholarships to help pay for his enrollment at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

"A lot of scholarships he would have been eligible for, he's not eligible for," said Jones' mother, Antoinette Johnson.

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Whitney Beasley, a private tutor and admissions advisor, said the strike has left plenty of CPS students in limbo. She fears that will cause some to simply stop submitting college applications.

"If they don't have these award letters or scholarship opportunities, I'm not sure and very disheartened that they will not continue to move forward with the process of enrolling in college," Beasley said.

Some in state schools have extended admissions deadlines for CPS students.

Testing companies also said students will have another chance to take the postponed exams.
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