Chicago Weather: February brings slow warm-up to Spring

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As we start the month of February on a cold note, I wanted to take note that February is a month where we start the slow warm-up toward Spring.

On Feb. 1, the average high is 32 degrees with a low of 17.

By the end of the month on Feb. 28, the average high is 40 degrees with a low of 24.

We also start to see more daylight each day.

February 1..... Sunrise 7:04am Sunset 5:07pm

February 28..... Sunrise 6:26am Sunset: 5:39pm

February is also the second snowiest month of the year just behind January.

We average 9.1" of snow in the month of February. January averages 10.8" of snow.

February is also the 4th cloudiest month of the year. On average about 47% of daylight hours have sunshine. The rest have cloud cover.

November, December, and January are slightly more cloudy.

The forecast for the first week of February looks rather cold with several chances of snow. Watch the latest forecast: ABC 7 Weather Forecast
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