Warm weather brings Chicagoans out for shopping, sunshine ahead of sharp dip in temps

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Saturday was a no hat, no gloves day at 31st Street Beach for Terry Davis and his two young sons as the trio enjoyed Chicago's brief break from winter weather.

With the city's winter feeling more like an early spring, mild temperature had many heading outside and to the lakefront. That's what the Sleight family and their dog, Lucy, did after hearing good weather was on the way.

"We actually just moved from Bridgeport to the suburbs, but this is my happy place so this is where we came when we realized the weather was going to be great," Michelle Sleight said.

After enduring the rigors of the season, temperatures pushed into the upper 60s in some places.

"I'm so happy that the weather is finally warning up. It gives you a boost of serotonin when it's warms and sunny and everyone's out," said Talia Marcus.

North Michigan Avenue was packed with those looking to soak up some sun while doing a little window shopping

"It's definitely been tough working from home and cooped up inside so it's definitely a nice Saturday," said Jessica Goldman.

Elsewhere, lines at some neighborhood car washes stretched blocks long as some drivers looked to wash away any remnants of our last snow storm. Most people, including Tanya Collins, didn't care that some wait times were close to an hour.

"I've got to get my car washed. I just can't go to another place without my car being clean," Collins said.

Most people enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather knowing that it wouldn't last.

"We definitely needed especially because I hate shoveling snow, but this is great," Bill Kenkins said.

By Saturday night, reality will make its return with a sharp dip in temps. That promises to be a rude awakening for people like Grant Sleight, who knew it was just too good to last.

"The fresh air is great. Chicago, we'll probably get six inches of snow next weekend, so you've got to soak it in while you can," Sleight said.
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