Child hit by car while getting off school bus in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas -- A child was hit by a car that went around a stopped school bus, according to Houston police.

The accident was reported as a major crash on Hearth Drive in southwest Houston just after 3 p.m.

Officers say a woman drove around the bus as it was unloading, disregarding the flashing red lights, and hitting a child in the middle of the intersection.

"If you're out there driving, please obey what the lights say," said Officer Mark Leatherwood with the Houston Police. "Stop. Don't go around them. This accident could have been avoided."

HISD issued the following statement: "One of our students at Longfellow Elementary School was struck and injured by a car that passed a stopped school bus this afternoon. The student was taken immediately to the hospital by paramedics. Police are investigating. We want to remind all drivers to please obey the laws about stopping when school buses are loading and unloading children and please obey school zone speed limits."

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