The world isn't all that bad, astronaut argues in uplifting video

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014
AP file photo of astronaut Chris Hadfield

"Our world is a better place than we often claim it to be."

That's what Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield wants to communicate in a "Guide to Optimism" he posted to ring in the new year. The video is about pausing to reflect, so the space explorer visually represents this by making the world literally 'pause' on its axis for a moment.

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"Nothing's yet perfect," Hadfield opines, "but that shouldn't be cause to bemoan. That should be cause to achieve."

Among the reasons to see things glass half-full, Hadfield lists general health, birth and death rates, literacy rates and technology. All of these have improved over many years, he says.

"We live the way we do because people chose to tackle their problems head-on," he says.

Hadfield finishes the video by stressing the importance of teamwork and encouraging viewers to make a resolution.

He posted the video with this inspiring series of tweets: