Chris Taliaferro, Candidate for 29th Ward Alderman

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Candidate Full Name: Chris Taliaferro

Office: 29th Ward Alderman

Party: Nonpartisan Municipal Election

Email Address:

Web Site:

Campaign Office Mailing Address: 5845 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60651

Phone: (773) 378-3127

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. What is the most important issue that you will address in your ward?

The 29th Ward encompasses much of the 015th and 025th Police Districts. In the past few years, the City of Chicago is being defined in the media by its rising and noticeable gun violence statistics - particularly, in the Austin community. It is not refuted that there is a shortage of police manpower throughout Chicago. This shortage has unfortunately led to decreased resources in the areas where violence continues to spike, including Austin. Crime, especially violent crime, has a dramatic and spiraling negative effect on the spirit and development of a community. Moreover, when there is either complete unawareness or a lack of effective responsiveness to the issue, it gets worse and amounts to despair in the community.

2. What are your plans for helping fight crime in your ward?

It is my commitment to you, as Alderman, to ensure that equitable resources are used in the 29th Ward to spike economic and community growth and not spike crime. It is my commitment to foster better education for the public, as well as police officers, regarding issues that often lead to mistrust and continues to divide the police and community. I will explore the resources poured into our Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy program and demand that it be properly funded to better assist in fighting crime. Further, and of utmost importance, the City of Chicago cannot hide from the need to hire more officers to patrol the City. Lastly, we must be creative in exploring new methods of policing, such as the implementation of police sub-stations throughout the City. Crime and public safety has, and will continue to be, one of the factors that will bring unlimited hope to the community or despair. As Alderman, I choose to use my understanding and experience with the Chicago Police Department to bring hope for our families, businesses and communities.

3. What, if any, city assets would you consider privatizing to raise money?

I would seek a moratorium on the sell/privatization of city assets (i.e. parking meters, airports, skyway, etc).

4. Do you support or oppose the vote to increase the minimum wage in several steps to $13 an hour by 2019?

Yes, I am in support of the City Council approved increase to the minimum wage. The increase gives families and workers in the 29th Ward a surviving chance. The increase would stimulate the economy within the 29th Ward and provide more jobs within the Ward. This becomes especially true in a scenario where the worker earns more and as a result would likely spend more, thereby increasing tax based revenue in the Ward. The gradual increase is perhaps responsible in that it addresses the growing concerns expressed of business owners that the increase, if done improperly, would lead to lay-offs and increased product and service prices.

5. Are you in favor of Chicago's Red Light Camera program?

I am not in favor of the Red Light Camera Program. Traffic and public safety must continue to be addressed in the City of Chicago and viable means of decreasing accidents must be explored. However, I do not equate public safety to mean implementing revenue based incentives. Further, statistically, Red Light Camera throughout the country has been found to have been one of the causes in increases in rear end accidents at intersections equipped with camera enforcement.

Christopher Taliaferro

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