Health, fitness coach describes how to use gratitude to stay motivated around holidays 2021

Stephanie Mansour recommends journaling, as well
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Health and fitness are always a priority, especially around the busy holiday season.

Stephanie Mansour said keeping in shape and motivated starts with the mind. She's sharing three ways to use gratitude to keep on the right path.

Mansour said start your day by tapping your index finger to your thumb while laying in bed, and saying something you're grateful for, repeat with each finger.

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Secondly, she recommends going for a walk and thinking of things you're grateful for, and Mansour said to focus on using all of your senses: "Think about the things that really utilize your senses, things you can smell, see, or hear."

Lastly, Mansour said to journal each day, writing down five things you're grateful for.
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