North Side woman cooks for police every Christmas

CHICAGO -- On the North Side of Chicago, there's a woman who's given comfort to Chicago police officers for year and she continued her special holiday tradition Friday.

Effi Keske got up early this morning, likely before Santa even made it to Chicago. But she says she does this because the men and women who protect our streets deserve it.

When Effi makes dinner, it's hard not to smile. The 72-year-old has been doing this for years.

"I like it," Effi says. "My heart goes out to them. The fire men. The police men. For everything they do."

Sometimes she invites everyone over for a hot meal. This Christmas, dinner is served at the 16th district. She's been working on it for a while - since 3 a.m.

"It's really nice for her to take time out of her holiday to come over here and bring food, and sit down and have food with us is really nice," says Officer Robert Kubon.

It's welcoming sight for the men and women working this Christmas.

"To come in for them, to meet Effi before they go out on the street, how can do anything but go out and feel good about themselves," says Officer John Garrido.

For Effi, there's no slowing down; at least not for a while.

Rob: Will you stop? Will you stop doing this?
Effi: No. Only when I be put in the grave. That's the day I'm gonna stop.

Effi stayed until the last officer left for third shift, and wouldn't let our crew leave without eating.